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How it works


Pro-B Sun Protection® is a partnership between the most advanced skin protection cream against UVA/UVB, and the unique fully automatic rotating spray booth which applies the correct quantity of cream in 20 seconds to your entire body whilst you rotate.

The Pro-B Sun Protection®  booth applies between 45 - 65ml of UV Pearls® formula sun protection cream every session as shown in the wineglass, which is the necessary quantity to encourage a natural tan safely. 


The booth sprays a unique, new anti-ageing, hydrating formula with UVA/UVB protection that is water resistant.

You only need to select the SPF factor to suit your skin (SPF 20-30-50) and enter your height, then press the start button. Your personal chip card remembers all your details for the next time you use the booth, plus it allows you to have a little extra free cream dispensed into your hand to put on any particularly tender area of your skin.

You do nothing! - just press the button and watch it happen as you go round.

The floor slowly rotates, synchronised to the spraying cycle so you only need to stand still as the machine does the work. The footprints on the floor ensure you are standing in the correct position. No confusion – No stress – Only fun

HEALTH                        Skin profile

The Pro-B formula containing UV Pearls® is a healthy and safe method to protect your skin against damaging UV rays which cause skin cancer and skin ageing, yet it allows and encourages development of a natural golden tan.

All Pro-B Sun Protection® products have international health and safety approval certification

Pro-B is totally focused on preserving and improving the health of your skin. It is a treatment process using aloe vera, panthenol, antileukin and vitamins plus an anti-ageing formula with pentavitin from Switzerland for sensitive skin to improve skin elasticity and protect from free radicals, and no parabens. 


Using Pro-B formula with UV Pearls® for a few days and tanning sensibly you will notice how it improves the health of your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. The system also has a client selectable option of spraying a tanning enhancer at the same time as sun protection to speed up your skin colour development.

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