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Pro-B Sun Protection® uses a unique newly formulated technology of sun protection cream (UV Pearls® formula). The technology is patented so will not be found in other creams to be able to give such high protection.

Pro-B Sun Protection® is a totally unique concept that has a rotating floor with synchronized pulse spraying technology. Only by using this method of spraying is it possible to automatically place precisely the correct quantity of sun protection cream on to each part of the body.

Pro-B Sun Protection® came onto the market in 2012 to help people be more effective at protecting their skin when sunbathing. We need the sun to exist but it also needs to be treated with respect. It is not true that we need the sun for vitamin D, this is propaganda promoted by solarium salons and manufacturers.  Vitamin D comes efficiently from various foods plus just walking about to go to work, shopping etc. even on a cloudy day adds vitamin D to your reserves.

Pro-B UV Pearls® formula contains billions of very tiny glass spheres packed with UV filters, which means not only does it filter harmful UV rays, but the glass reflects the harmful rays away from your skin to protect you and assist healthy tanning. Sun filters in glass spheres cannot cause any skin allergy which many people suffer from, plus being in the spheres the sun filters do not get degraded by the natural sweat and chemicals on the surface of your skin so the filters keep working efficiently, longer.


Did you know that almost nobody uses enough sun protection cream in each application to achieve the correct protection. [click] on the wine glass to see how much cream you should be using each application.

Using the correct quantity enables you to stay in the sun longer without burning and get a nice tan. The Pro-B Sun Protection® spray booth also has a unique selectable feature, it can apply a “tan enhancer” at the same time as the sun protection cream to give you a nice colour, quicker. After all that is the reason you sunbathe, isn’t it?