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Pro-B Tanning


The most advanced fully automatic sunless tanning booth in the world, born from 6 years development and testing, or maybe you prefer the unique "4 colours in one gun" laser hand spray. They both spray a new unique very efficient formula with DHA and erythrulose, which makes sure that you have a natural looking tan. You do nothing!  - just choose the colour.

Your skin begins to darken 3 hours later, reaching its peak colour within 24 hours. The tan remains for 3 to 4 weeks when you use the special Pro-B® "Extender Cream" or it will fade gradually during natural exfoliation after approximately 10 days (depending on your selected colour), in the same way as a tan from the sun or solarium fades.

Health                    Skin diagram

Pro-B Tan® is a healthy and safe sunless tanning method without the risk of skin or ocular cancer. All Pro-B® products have international health approval certification. 

Pro-B Tan® is a HEALTH focused skin treatment process with aloe vera, panthenol, vitamins plus an anti-ageing formula with pentavitin from Switzerland for sensitive skin to improve skin elasticity and protect from free radicals, and no parabens.

THIS IS NOT JUST a sunless tanning process… Pro-B® improves the quality of your skin leaving it feeling smooth and silky 

Also note that unlike other spray tanning systems Pro-B® does not create that fog of spray you find in conventional spray booths, so you don't inhale it, and it contains NO artificial colouring to stain or damage clothing. 

Custom tanning             sunless eliska

People are all different sizes, so the Pro-B® computer adjusts the spray program and colour to suit you. 

The illuminated floor slowly rotates, synchronised to the spraying cycle so you only need to adopt one pose during the tanning process. The illuminated footprints ensure you are standing in exactly the correct position. No confusion – No stress – No mistakes


Infra-red  Infra-red improves tanning efficiency

Pro-B® uniquely pre-heats the skin with infra-red to open skin pores to aid absorption of tanning liquid to enhance the tan effect. This is also a very warm and comforting feeling during the spraying process.

Result: A smoother, even natural looking golden tan... The sunless tanning process takes less than 5 minutes.


Audio inside the Pro-B booth is in the client's language including English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Czech, Hungarian etc.