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Pro-B Tan® is a totally unique concept that uses a rotating floor with synchronized pulse spraying technology. Only by using this method of spraying is it possible to place precisely the correct quantity of tanning liquid on to each part of the body.


Pro-B Tan® rotates the customer and monitors exactly where each part of the body is and sprays more than 500 times in a 40 second period to precisely place exactly the correct quantity of tanning liquid on to each centimetre of the skin. Some areas need a little more liquid and some a little less depending on the desired result. Computer controlled the spray booth can accurately repeat the same spray pattern customized to your specific height no matter which salon you visit. Using Pro-B Tan® has no UV risks of skin cancer or skin ageing which exist with all solariums, in fact the formula actually benefits the skin.


Your personal wishes regarding colour of tan and your height etc. are all stored on your Pro-B® loyalty card which any salon can use to reproduce the program you prefer. Using this card each time accumulates points you may use to purchase further sessions or cosmetic products.


 Booth dimensions  135 x 160 x 217 cm high  230Vac 50 Hz 14 amp  
 Room size (min)  2.5m x 3m  Ceiling height  2.5m  
 Liquid capacity  2 tanks (light/Dark)  2 litre each  
 Tanning liquid 
 Minimum +3°C  Maximum +12°C  DO NOT FREEZE
   below 0°C will destroy DHA. Exceeding +12°C will age 
 the liquid fast.

 Barrier instructions


 Dimensions  37 x 28 x 48 cm

 110/230vac 50/60 Hz

 10 Kg exc. liquid
 Pistol illumination  2 x LED U/bright

 Laser 3vdc

 tank illuminated

spray plan 15